Welcome to the space dedicated to awards specifically designed for schools.

If you have not checked out the free offer on our homepage it is repeated at the bottom of this page.

       Trophys Are Us  has been making awards for schools for more than 30 years. We specialize in producing custom awards using your school's custom logo. We manufacture all of the custom medals and castings right here at our store.

       We currently service grade schools, colleges, universities, high school conferences, and more than 60 high schools across the country. We do work for schools from Florida to Michigan and from New York to California.

In this area you will find several styles of plaques utilizing your custom medal, engraved logo, or custom casting. If you do not have a custom medal, logo, or casting yet (What are you waiting for, it's free) you can also replace any of the medals or castings with a stock one.

Custom Medals
Here you will see examples of custom medallions we have created for a few of our customers.
Stock Medals
Here you can find some of our stock medallions.

Our trophies are assembled using only the highest quality parts. That means real marble, metal figures and columns, and an engraved metal plate in the color of your choice.

Here you can check out custom and stock ribbons.

Crystal - Acrylic Awards
When you really want to impress someone give them a crystal or acrylic award. Your custom engraved logo can be added to these awards.

Trophy Cases
Are you running out of space for all the awards your teams have won? Check out the examples we posted here or go directly to the manufacturer's website for full details on sizes, colors and other options available.

Bronze Castings and Recognition Trees
A bronze casting is an impressive way to identify, dedicate, commemorate, or recognize a significant person or place with permanence and grace.

Award / Letter Pins
Check out our large selection of school letter pins.

Economy Line
This area has great ideas for MVP, MI, Coaches Awards, or any other special achievement when cost is a concern. Some of these products can be personalized with your school logo.

Attention Athletic Directors!

       Why should you get all your awards from Trophys Are Us?

  1. We are currently offering high schools new to Trophys Are Us a FREE custom designed medal. Each medal is available in 2 sizes, 2.5" and 1.5"! No die charges, no minimum quantities! Also included with this offer receive a custom made mascot casting  and a custom engraved logo designed free of charge!

 2. All the awards for your annual tournaments are delivered at the beginning of the school year. YOUR DONE! You are free to pay for the awards as the money becomes available.

3. If you are ever in a jam, remember, we manufacture all our custom products right here at our store. We could have your order shipped or delivered the next day. For example  you need 2 plaques and 150 custom medals for a new track meet and you forgot to order them. We could complete the order and ship or deliver the next day. Of course we do not encourage these situations, but if it happens we are equipped to handle it for you.

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